Here Be Pirate Music and Songs for ye Entertainment

The Brigands be a musical minded group, performing songs, Sea Shanties and tunes, lore and fact, from the Golden Age of Piracy, 1650-1750 and beyond.

Pirate music & Black powder cannons “Party like it’s 1724″

Music was critical to the sailing of wooden vessels. It kept the hands working and pulling in unison, through storm and wind and calm. The Brigands bring the music from the deck of HMS Hellion ashore for you to enjoy. A bit rowdy, a bit naughty, always fun and sure to get your blood pumping. Thrill to the calls for “All hands to make sail. Trice up and lay out! “. The Brigands have been called the ultimate pirate band, music that could have been heard in any dockside tavern, where sailors, pirates, buccaneers and privateers all came, to spend their hard earned ( or ill gotten) money, drinking and singing the songs of the era. The Brigands also perform a full Black Powder cannon and small arms demonstration, showing audiences the main weapons that pirates used to become the best known pre-emptive marine salvage experts in the world. The Brigands demonstrate flintlock pistols, muskets and of course, our Beloved Cannons!

11/3/19 – The Brigands will release our latest CD,titled “Baggy Wrinkle” ( the covering on standing rigging to prevent chafing of the sails).  Release party will be at the 10th Salty Ball on 2/29/20.  The CD will feature our newest crew member Scabby Pete on guitar and vocals.  Most of the tunes  and  songs are  all originals  and  perfomed as  only The Brigands can.  Be sure to get yours !!!

Feb 27, 2016, The Brigands will release our 8th CD, titled “Spanker in the Aft” a collection of both traditional and original tunes and songs, done in the infamous Brigands manner – loud , lively and a bit raunchy.  Release party is at the Pirates 6th Salty Ball !

Feb 5,2014 – Coming on March 1, 2014, The Brigands 7th CD of pirate music, “WELL HUNG”.  Our most ambitious, darkest album yet, the release party will be at the Pirates 4th Salty Ball on March 1st.  After that it will be available here thru our store, or at our performances.

Who are The Brigands?   \”Meet The Brigands\”

2/11/2012 – The Brigands release our 6th CD, “SHIP HAPPENS”.   Two years in the makin’,  with a hold full of mayhem, tunes and songs.   From the title track, “Ship Happens”  to  the lively  ”Un-dead Sailor’s Hornpipe”  to  Doug Mackean’s  haunting ” The Gael”  (Last of the Mohicans),  there are 21 songs of some of our best music to date.   We hope everyone has as much fun listening to it as we had recording it !


Live from the Marcus Hook Pirate Festival, 2011 \”Row Me Bully Boys\”

2011 – The Brigands celebrate their 10th year together – 10 years of music before the mast – come and help us make merry at a Festival or Faire near you !!!!


The Brigands are pleased to announce the release of their 5th CD, titled “Inner Buccaneer“.  Some of the tunes include “Hard Pressed”  written by Kevin ‘Dozer’ McQueen;  “The Squall”  written by Bloody Bill Marley;  “Crimson Tide”  written by Butch ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon and several original fiddle tunes written by the good Captain, along with many period songs and tunes from the Golden Age of Piracy and beyond!

Some Quotes About The Brigands

“I know I told you guys several times how much I enjoyed your music, and how great it was to have a group of professionals like yourselves to work with. I really appreciate the fact that all of you were willing to help in so many ways. The Brigands completely made this event successful!  I tell people you walk on water!!!!

You guys ROCK…or should I say you guys HORNPIPE!!!!”

James Statzer, Director, St. Augustine Pirate Gathering

“This is The Brigands – if their reputation doesn’t proceed them, then you’ve been living in a cave.  INNER BUCCANEER IS THE GREATEST CD OF ALL TIME AND YOU SHOULD BUY THREE COPIES RIGHT THIS MINUTE.”

Bilgemunkey.com – review of Inner Buccaneer

“Their newest CD is a masterpiece of their music, style, humor and piratical-ness. The instrumentals are authentic and spellbinding. The melodies are THAT strong. The voices of Cap’t Thighbiter, Bloody Bill Marley and Butch Cannon blend together in practiced precision…. The Juice of the Barley is a wonderful, funny vocal.”

****** Rated 5 out of 5 parrots! From the review of “Pirate Scum” in Pyrate’s Way Magazine

“Everyone really enjoyed it. The rave reviews for the event have been pouring in! My thanks to you all for being such a large part of the day. You did a FABULOUS job!”

Tina Prause Manager, Product Development A&E Television Networks

“These pirate epitomize the essence of times past…they fiddle, sing and drum their way through jigs, shanties and horn pipes to the delight of rowdy crowds.”

Renaissance Magazine

” The Brigands entertainment program and the black powder demonstration helped to make this Privateer Day our most successful event!”

Jason Sullivan, Exec Director, Fells Point Development Corp, Baltimore Pirate Invasion/Privateer Day http://www.fellspointdevelopment.com/

“The instrumentals are incredible….talented pyrates”

Pyrates Way Magazine reviews “Bloody Seamen”

“Glad to have you Captain. The three of you have a great sound!”

Eric Tetreault – Owner/Coordinator

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

“You are an awesome group! Thank you for making us feel like part of your crew!”

Bluebeard The Pirate

Rogue Guild Member #1257

Privateers Guild Member #796

Ship: The Grave Dancer

aka: Lukas VonSkull

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