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Well Hung

17 new tunes and songs by The Brigands.  Our 7th CD, it is dark and mysterious.  Contains the hits Swaying Pirate and Two Fops on Fox.

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Ship Happens

2/11/12 – The latest CD, 21 songs

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Inner Bucaneer

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As one might guess, this CD is rated “X” and contains songs 100% not suitable for young ears.

If they understand it, it’s not our fault. If you don’t understand it, ask your kids or watch MTV.

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The Pyrate's Way
Get in, Get out
Triple Scotch
Sarum's Song
The Good Ship Venus
Mariners Revenge
Ben Backstay
A Man from Portwater
Rummer, the Rumrunner
The Period Song (Down to the Old Pub)
The Hellions Delight
Flowers of Fdinburgh
Hoist the Colors

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Pirate Scum

***Rated 5 out of 5 parrots, Pyrates Way Magazine***
“The Brigands stand out, as true piratey intstrumentals are sometimes hard to come by…   Summed up, Pirate Scum is a well composed album for anyone seeking “real” tavern music – instrumental or otherwise.”

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Bloody Seamen

The follow up to the widely successful debut album to arguably the  greatest Pyrate band ever.

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The Brigands

The Brigands self-titled debut album.

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9 Responses to “Buy our CD’s…..”

  • keith_smith:

    still testing

  • why not test this again.

  • alm:

    Keith, I LIKE this feature a lot! AL

  • tink:

    any updates on when the new cd will be out? i am eagerly awaiting it :)

  • The Wench:

    Aye the boys played one of their new songs on me vessel at Blackbeard Festival in Hampton in 2011, I still be waitin for them to publish it. I be needen to scream out “Guns of Hampton”. By the way loves, all me cds ended up in Montana wit Mike so I must be ordering a complete set soon. All I have left is a scratched X cd. So get your musical talent goin’ and bring us more cds!!!!

  • Amy:

    We had the pleasure of hearing you play last weekend at the Southern Pirate Festival in Columbus, GA. Thank you for many great performances and we look forward to hearing you again soon!

  • Hawkeye Jim:

    I can’t seem to get your version of “Row Me Bully Boys” from the Pirate Gathering out of my head, been singin’ it all week! You mates are awesome, an’ anybody readin’ this page that have yet ta get yer hands on one o’ those cds is in the wrong!

  • Was at the Fort, you guys sounded great, cant wait to get a cd and listen, of course it wont have the feeling of candle lit dungeon area, but I will see what I can do about that!

    carry on

    Best Regards,


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