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]Some Quotes About The Brigands

“I know I told you guys several times how much I enjoyed your music, and how great it was to have a group of professionals like yourselves to work with. I really appreciate the fact that all of you were willing to help in so many ways. The Brigands completely made this event successful! I tell people you walk on water!!!!
 You guys ROCK…or should I say you guys HORNPIPE!!!!”

James Statzer – Director, St. Augustine Pirate Gathering

“The Brigands are a band that I’ve actually played on Bilgemunky Radio for some  years now, but I gotta say that if you’ve never seen them live, you’re missing half the fun – no CD can capture the energy of their live performance”  … The Bilgemunkey, himself, after hearing The Brigands live for the first time, at the Privateer Day in Fells Point, MD, 2010 

“Their newest CD is a masterpiece of their music,  style, humor and piratical-ness. The instrumentals are authentic and spellbinding. The melodies are THAT strong. The voices of Cap’t Thighbiter, Bloody Bill Marley and Butch Cannon blend together in practiced precision…. The Juice of the Barley is a wonderful, funny vocal.” ****** Rated 5 out of 5 parrots! 

From the review of “Pirate Scum” in Pyrate’s Way Magazine

“Everyone really enjoyed it. The rave reviews for the event have been pouring

in!  My thanks to you all for being such a large part of the day. You did a FABULOUS job!”

Tina Prause Manager, Product Developement A&E Television Networks

“These pirate epitomize the essence of times past…they fiddle, sing and drum their way through jigs, shanties and horn pipes to the delight of rowdy crowds.”

Renaissance Magazine

” The Brigands entertainment program and the black powder demonstration helped to make this Privateer Day our most successful event!”

Jason Sullivan, Exec Director, Fells Point Development Corp, Baltimore Pirate Invasion/Privateer Day

The instrumentals are incredible….talented pyrates

Pyrates Way Magazine reviews  “Bloody Seamen”

“Glad to have you Captain. The three of you have a great sound!”
Eric Tetreault – Owner/Coordinator

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

“You are an awesome group!  Thank you for making us feel like part of your crew!”
Bluebeard The Pirate
Rogue Guild Member #1257
Privateers Guild Member #796
Ship: The Grave Dancer
aka: Lukas VonSkull

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  • Aboy Capt Thighbiter!
    This is Capt Molly from Pirates for Sail. I lost your email address, but I wanted to ask you if you would mind if we use you as a reference as we apply to other Rennfaires this year. Could you send me your email address also?


  • The Wench:

    Had I known you wouldn’t be playing the Pirate ball in Hampton this year, I would not have bought tickets. It won’t be the same without you guys there. I can’t wait to see y’all again and I hope you stop by the boat for a bit of grog.

  • Robert Horanburg:

    Hello there,

    We have an annual pirates festival in Olcott, NY and are always looking for new and exciting acts to bring to the show. I would like to explore the endless opportunities we could come up with for entertainment in 2011. Just email me when you find time. Thanks for your time..


    • Thighbiter:

      Sure, we are interested. In fact some friends of ours, Ye Pyrte Brotherhood, has done some work with you event. My home # is 631 434 7091, please cll after 6PM and we can chat about possibly next year. Thanks for your interest.

      Al Mueller
      aka Capt T

  • Wench Charlie:

    I have pics if you guys would like them…. You rocked!!! Check out my facebook page… let me know if you need the name

    Look forwardto seeing and hearing you again soon!!

    you’ve been WENCHED!!!

  • Joe Palmer:

    Arrrr! Love the music and the shows, especially being of the sweet trade meself (Fernandina Pirates Club in Fernandina Beach, FL). Of all the songs, I’m especially fond of Hard Pressed. Would it be possible to get a copy of the lyrics? I love singing pirate songs (for fun, not pay)and can’t quite catch all the lyrics when I listen to my copy of Inner Buccaneer.

    Fair winds and following seas.

    One-Eyed Joe

  • Peter Ruta:

    i was wondering if i could ask you guys some questions about the Pirates Salty ball for my Paper that i am going to write for my media class

  • How much for a three hour gig in Michigan on June 25th (please disregard previous sending)?

  • Thighbiter:

    Sure can – mail $12 USD to
    AL Mueller
    41 Kaymac St
    Brentwood NY 11717

    and we will send them right out to ye

  • Great playing with Pirates in Fiddle Hell!!
    Keep in touch and I will get my pirates together with yours. We have a singing group here
    we would love to do a gig with you on our weekly summer sail on a 2 masted Liberty Clipper.


  • Will:

    I was wondering if you guys had a recorded version of your “row me bully boys row”

  • Schwoop The Ominous:

    Im really lookin forward to seeing the crew again in hampton. I have a stowaway the captain left marooned on stage. Im sure it will sit better with him than me. See ya soon.

  • Liz:

    What date is the Marcus Hook Piratefest?

  • vstein41:

    We want to buy “Inner Buchaneer,” but everything I press just takes me back to “Home.” Please let me know if I can email you my address, payment info, etc. Thanks!

  • Brooks:

    What to get information about hiring the Brigands…please send me info and pricing if possible,


  • Captn' Hook the two eyed Pirate:

    Arrgha Me Wench and Crew had a hardy good day hearing ye tunes at Rock Hall this past Saturday, August 11 in the year of the Lord 2012. Yay, it was me fault. A hardy thank you for the entertainment. As me always says, Work be for those land lovers that know not how to plunder.

    Captn Hook, the two eyed pirate

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